Common Sense Customer Service: Chopping Down Phone Trees.

Calling customer support is a task I dread. What about you?

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When we strip away all the fancy buzzwords, what are they offering? Phone, texting, email, social media, and messaging app integrations.

Why It Sucks

If the connection is poor, or someone has an accent, there will be difficulty communicating. Having to phonetically spell your name (“A as in Apple, “M as in Mark”) is slow and annoying, especially if you need to repeat it.

The average person spends 43 days of his life waiting on hold.

Web chats are just as bad. Every time I click one of those I know I need to dedicate the next 30 minutes to chatting with the agent, painfully explaining all the details of my problem, and it will usually end with them telling me that they can’t help (sorry), or that I need to call in.

The only good texting customer support I’ve ever received is from the banking app Simple (which I love).

Social media support can be hit or miss, although is sometimes very good. I just don’t feel like airing my problems on Twitter to the whole world, in order to get a response from a company.

More than 50% of people say >2 minutes on hold is too long.

The problem is, all of these solutions, even social media based customer service are built on top of platforms that were never designed to provide true customer support, but were shoehorned in.

Imagine trying to optimize horses with AI-powered routing services instead of switching your company to using motor vehicles. Businesses spend billions every year trying to ensure high quality customer service by developing AI, machine learning systems and other fancy tools, but are trying to optimize a fundamentally flawed system.

A further issue, COVID-19, which has drastically reduced face-to-face interactions, the most reliable manner to resolve a problem. Now that going into the office to speak to someone in person is no longer an option, business and consumers need a platform that can allow them to easily and clearly communicate their issues and details, while removing basic deficiencies inherent in communicating from a distance.

The Solution

A platform designed, from inception, to act as a central hub for customer service interactions.

Most every company I am a customer of requires me to maintain an account with them. The constant logging in, updating information, scrambling to find account numbers, etc, make it annoying to be a consumer. Even when companies create a custom platform for customer service, it’s localized to their app and their company. You will need to download a separate app for each company you deal with, something nobody is interested in doing.

The genius of this architecture is that my application acts as a hub for companies, and is not company-specific. End users download a single application and can then communicate with each company signed up as a provider.


User Info Available App-wide

Request to access your home address in very early stage mockup.

Document Upload

In-app VoIP Calling

App-based Department Navigation

I hate phone trees with a passion.

Instead of sitting through soul destroying phone trees, navigate swiftly with simple touch navigation you’ve enjoyed since Steve Jobs invented the iPhone.

Reporting a Wi-Fi issue.

With simple touch navigation, users can go forwards and backwards (without having to hang up and listen to all the prompts again) and find the correct department to solve their issue.

Intelligent Callbacks

  • Easily showing the customer their current place in the queue.
  • Allowing customers to drop backwards in the queue (you need 20 minutes to finish an important call that just came in).
  • Allowing customers to order a callback at a certain time.
  • Sending push notification shortly before callback.
  • Data capture and analytics is much easier than on phone systems.
Intelligent callbacks are possible

Appointment Scheduling

App-based Data Input

Upsell Customers

Easy to Modify Decision Trees

Integrated Directly in CRMs


Widespread Adoption by End Users

Adoption by Businesses

Tech Challenges

Data Compliance

Data Privacy


My metric for success is “Do I want to cry if forced to call this company’s customer service center?”

Spread the word or join the team and bring customer service out of the torture chambers and into modern life.


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Our Team

Please reach out if you hate phone trees and want to make a better customer experience possible, just so that one day you won’t have to suffer on hold until you scream.

Menachem Bakaleynik: Founder, Software Developer, Entrepreneur.
Menachem Bakaleynik: Founder, Software Developer, Entrepreneur.
Zev Blokh UI/UX Designer Marketing
Zev Blokh UI/UX Designer Marketing

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